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It's not uncommon knowledge, for those of the Christian faith, that if you have sinned in life, if you confess said sins you will be automatically forgiven and allowed into paradise. Please! By this logic anyone can become a mass murderer or cannibal or just very very naughty and just before they pass on or are executed, confess their sins and they have a seat reserved in Heaven.

I'm sure many other religions have similar little loopholes which sound wonderful and are full of irrefutable scripture backing but still this hardly seems right on simple reflection. I'm sure many can quote verses on this, saying why this is so but really, do you feel it is good to defend the passage of evil into paradise?

Here's what I'm after, siting examples from as many religions as you are familiar with. I'm fairly positive, given certain tallies I'll not go into, that there is more than one religion with this kind of philosphy.

Happy Holidays!
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