Cthulhu Jr. (teen_cthulhu) wrote in godsnack,
Cthulhu Jr.

Teen_Cthulhu says pay homage to his red power

This is Teen_Cthulhu. Teen_Cthulhu still in highschool. Teen_Cthulhu is an ancient god still having to do homework. Teen_Cthulhu rules over all dreams. Teen_Cthulhu WILL END YOU!!! Teen_Cthulhu refers to himself in the third person and thinks everyone else should to. Teen_Cthulhu likes playing Pokemon. Teen_Cthulhu will crush you. Teen_Cthulhu hates that R'ylae only has one mall. Teen_Cthulhu loves eating babies. Teen_Cthulhu now has more pressing matters to attend to.
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