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Laughing at ourselves

Not too very long ago, in the grande scheme of things, I posted a joke that was largely well received but there were a few that did not take to it well at all. It was of a religious nature and it poked fun at the Christians, specifically in that the idea that those that failed in their faith would burn in hell not so much as a given but because they chose to believe that was what was meant to happen.

This was the joke.

The ability to laugh is one of the greatest gifts but those that cannot bring themselves to laugh at their own beliefs or at their very selves are missing out. We are all funny, sometimes hilariously so, and that should be celebrated and enjoyed.

Those that don't get that...well, we can always hope they come around eventually.

So, here's a few selected passages from a good book. Not the good book, as some like to call it, but a very noteworthy tome nonetheless.

Proof positive that Jesus was Irish:
1) He lived at home until he was 30.
2) The night before he died, he went out drinking with his buddies.
3) His mother thought he was God.
4) He thought his mother was a virgin.


Jesus was walking through the streets and he noticed a group of people throwing stones at an adulteress. He stopped and said to the crowd, "Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone." All of a sudden, a big stone came out of the crowd and hit the woman right on the head. Jesus stopped, taken aback, then looked up and said, "Mom...!"


Every year, St. Peter conducted a tour on earth. "This year," he told the Virgin Mary, "I'm going to survey all your shrines and compare them to the shrines I've seen in previous years." He took his tour and visited shrines around the world before he came back to heaven and reported to mary, "I've got great news! There are more people at your shrines than anyone else's. But I noticed one thing...every single statue portrayed you with a sad expression on your face. Why is that?" And Mary said, "You might not understand my feelings." And St. Peter said, "Now, Mary, I've had many people tell me their innermost feelings...can't you open up to me?" And Mary said, "Well, you see, Peter...I really wanted a girl."


This man went to his rabbi and said, "I'm very troubled by my son. He went away and he came back a Christian."

The rabbi said, "You know, it's funny you say that. My son, too, left home and came back a Christian."

They decided to pray about it, and God said, "You know, it's funny you say that..."
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